What a day. Started well in a vision of orange, then an incident involving my coffee, the laptop, my phone and fabric box pretty much ruined it. Nothing seems to be broken just yet 🤦‍♂️ but the slight smell of coffee remains.

Cut and sewed a pair of check peg trousers- will wear them tomorrow..

Going to be doing a small craft day next Saturday, was only £6 for the table and raises money for the local preschool so all good. Will take a few kimonos but mainly kidswear and home stuff I think.. will have to play with the set up and get my signage sorted.

Until next time blog land..



Hey there blog land. Two years since I wrote anything on here! So here it is.. I’ve been busy with my family, moving away from Manchester (again) and leaving my career behind me.

After rebranding Juliaheartsu last year to TATTYMOO – it’s now my only job (other than house-wife and mother!) and I get to work on it 3 1/2 days a week! It’s really great to have the full creative freedom to sew, print and design/make new things!

I have a busy day planned for tomorrow – playing with block printing using good old household items like corks, Lego to name a few!

Check out my website here and be sure to follow me for discount codes/sales and exclusive styles!

Until then.. 😘😘

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Sew sew sew!!

been poorly all week so I’ve been going mad on Pinterest- sooooo many ideas!! Hopefully I’ll be at my trusty machine later xxxxx

Happy bloggers & customers!

Little gallery of my recent customers and happy bloggers!





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Juliaheartsu Collars & Kimonos

I’ve decided to start again with this blog as I’d not written on here for a few years! So much has happened since I started this back in 09! I have creatively started my own online business called Juliaheartsu – selling collars and kimonos I have made myself.

The biggest leap I’ve made is being a full time mum! My little boy Charlie was born in October last year, and has filled my life with such joy I cannot tell you!

For now at least I don’t want to go back to work but to be his whole world a while longer and sew when I can!! So I’m trying to boost my website and really look at doing this well. Feedback is greatly appreciated!!
Ps I have a discount code live at the moment for all kimonos – enter kimono25 at the checkout to get a thrifty 25% off your purchase!
Happy shopping xx

Julia xxx

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