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Juliaheartsu Collars & Kimonos

I’ve decided to start again with this blog as I’d not written on here for a few years! So much has happened since I started this back in 09! I have creatively started my own online business called Juliaheartsu – selling collars and kimonos I have made myself.

The biggest leap I’ve made is being a full time mum! My little boy Charlie was born in October last year, and has filled my life with such joy I cannot tell you!

For now at least I don’t want to go back to work but to be his whole world a while longer and sew when I can!! So I’m trying to boost my website and really look at doing this well. Feedback is greatly appreciated!!
Ps I have a discount code live at the moment for all kimonos – enter kimono25 at the checkout to get a thrifty 25% off your purchase!
Happy shopping xx

Julia xxx


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